Yapado (Virtual) Press Days


Press Days are held twice a year by PR agencies to showcase what’s new and upcoming. Since April 2016, Yapado joins the agencies in Antwerp for the Press Days. For two days we opened the doors of our rented loft for journalists, influencers, bloggers & stylists to discover our food, lifestyle, beauty, kids, eco and decoclients to experience our brands in an other way than a press release.


1. Yapado Real Life Press Days



* Each year we host them twice (in April & November) 



* The Yapado Press Days are a wellknown networking event among influencers and journalists

* We invite our network of bloggers, influencers & journalists to discover the upcoming novelties of our clients in a rented loft in Antwerp in order to inspire them & give them an exclusive preview

* We make our rented loft our own by presenting our clients in an original & creative way

* Pampering our visitors is what we love to do: attendees could get their make-up & hair done by professional MUA's , test some new beautyproducts & take Instagrampics. 

* Every attendee can taste some bits 'n bites in our kitchen & enjoy some live cooking, where our Yapadochef Fabienne serves the best dishes powered by our favourite foodclients.

* Al-ways in the mood for food & apero is a way of living

* Networking, eating, drinking & fun

* Totally worth the visit!



The outcome was great & we are always so satisfied after these 2 days full of fun, drinks & food

* Every attendee gets a personal tour

* Nobody leaves our loft with an empty stomach #aperoforlife

* More than 1.000 stories are posted on Instagram

* Between 15 & 30 interesting brands participate and present their novelties.

* More than 250 guests pass by and take a personnalized goodiebag home


2. Yapado Virtual Press Days


* June 2020



* Due to Covid-19, we weren't able to organize a real life Yapado event, so we invited our network into a virtual loft where all of our clients & their novelties were presented in a virtual room.

* Each floor of the Yapadoloft had something different to offer:

  • kitchen --> for the foodies
  • bedroom --> for the decolovers
  • bathroom --> for the beautykings & -queens
  • living room --> for the lifestylepeeps
  • Our team provided a custommade video of all of our clients where we explained the brand, the new products and funfacts.
  • Take a seat, relax and let us do the talking 


  • More than 1.000 virtual visitors (also customers)
  • LOTS of stories on Instagram
  • more than 30 brands feeling home in our virtual loft
  • 60 goodiebags
  • & lovely reactions on our creative solution to the real life Press Days


3. Yapado Virtual Press Days: The Sequel


  • December 2020


  • https://pressdays.yapado.com/
  • The first edition of Yapado's Virtual Press Days was a great one and we were moved to our new office in July 2020, so we chose for another round! 
    • Custommade videos with greenscreen
    • Presentation of our new office
  • Journalists, stylists, influencers and bloggers got to discover, experience and connect over our awesome brands.


  • More than 800 virtual visitors (also customers)
  • LOTS of stories on Instagram
  • more than 20 brands feeling home in our new office
  • 30 goodiebags
  • & lovely reactions on our sequel to the virtual Press Days



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