Lidl Saint-Nicholas

Creative PR

Saint-Nicholas couldn't pass by on December the 6th in 2020 due to corona, so we need to make the Belgian consumers clear that Saint-Nicholas (mommies, daddies, grandparents, aunties and uncles...) can always shop for candy and biscuits +  fun and ecological toys at Lidl . For this goal we need to approach and activate two main groups: momfluencers/bloggers and mom press.


How we did it: 

1. Mail from Saint Nicholas

-Teaser: 45 influencers (FR/NL) & 5 journalists (FR/NL) answered some questions by e-mail, as input for the video message. They also sent us a wishlist of Lidls wooden toys that we wanted to PR for this case.


2. Video message of Saint Nicholas

-Saint Nicholas can't come by because of corona, so he is looking for an alternative: a personalised video message for each child.

-Location: Circustent in De Schorre, Boom where the throne of Saint Nicholas stands.

-How: Photographer films everything and edits videos per family.


3. Letter from Saint Nicholas

-Saint Nicholas answers all children with a letter this year. This will be delivered in the jute bag.

-Letter closes with a QR code with which the parents can open the video message for their child(ren).


4. Saint Nicholas' jute bag

-Every child gets a personalized bag with desired wooden Lidl toys and lots of goodies.

-This is delivered to their doorstep.




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