Corine de Farme

PR + Social Media

The objective:

Raise awareness around the brand Corine de Farme. Engaging with people who share a common interest with the brand values of Corine de Farme.


The story:

The French brand Corine de Farme is becoming more and more loved by eco and beauty lovers. The brand of cosmetics has proven in 2020 to be totally up to speed with the needs of our modern society. Corine de Farme launched two new ranges: the Water Essential biological baby wipes and the Clean Beauty solar range. Two ranges that focus completely on the wellbeing of our planet and the caretaking of our skin.


How we did it:

We approached both launches with the same strategy: write and design a press release which we send to our broad network of beauty, kids and eco influencers, bloggers and media. Keeping the feedback on that mailing in mind, we’ve sent out dozens of packages to interested parties whom we believe to be the perfect fit for the new products. In that manner press and influencers had the chance to test the new products and write a review/blogpost around it.

Besides the PR-approach, we also manage the Belgian Instagram page for the brand. Via that channel, we keep in touch with all of the influencers we approach with the products, as well with consumers who love and want to know more about the brand. The most important goal of the page is to engage with our biggest fans and raise awareness around the products for people who don’t already know Corine de Farme.



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