Ella's Kitchen

Creative PR Launch + Social Media

The objective: 

As Ella’s Kitchen positions itself as a very fun, healthy and yummie brand, we need to make that message clear to Belgian consumers. For this goal we need to approach and activate two main groups: influencers/bloggers and press.


The story: 

Ella’s Kitchen is the UK’s leading brand in bio organic food and expands its yumminess further and further all over the world. And now it’s Belgium’s turn. Ella’s Kitchen wants to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. Set up in 2006 by Ella’s Dad Paul Lindley, the company prioritizes health and nutritional value, but never at the expense of taste or convenience. It strives to be good in every sense, offering healthy, handy and fun food that doesn’t cost the earth.


How we did it: 

Ella’s Kitchen already existed for a while in Belgium, but didn’t get the appropriate kick-off that it deserves. So, we came up with a very cool and colorful discovery box that tickles every sense of you and your little one. The discovery box is totally Ella’s Kitchen, it’s bright, it pops and it consists of yummie goodness. We created a box with six little puzzle pieces. Behind five pieces you can find different kinds of foods that Ella’s Kitchen has to offer. Behind the sixth piece you find a personalized bib for the little one. Around the box we made a sleeve, which describes the story of Ella’s Kitchen and how to use the discovery box.

In this manner we created an interactive way for influencers and journalists to get to know the brand and food of Ella’s Kitchen, and gave them a lot to think and post about. We established that our main target group is situated on Instagram or other socials, we therefor also needed to launch a Belgian Instagram page, so we could keep in touch with our beloved mom- and dadfluencers. In this way we also follow up on the results on social media.



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