PR Launch

The objective:

Raise awareness around the brand Polar, focusing on its expertise regarding heart rate technology and distribute the right product to the right athlete/press.


The story:

Polar, the leader in heart rate technology for more than 40 years has a wide range of sports technology, from heart rate sensors to sports watches and it developed its own app. When it comes to heart rate, accuracy is extremely important. For decades Polar has been the gold standard of heart rate measurement. Professional teams and athletes, medical professionals, educational institutions, scientists and sports leagues trust Polar to measure the most accurate data.

2020 had to be a successful year for Polar, as the brand launches four, yes you read that right, F-O-U-R new products.


How we did it:

This year alone the brand came up with four new products, which we had to give a proper launch. Keeping Covid-19 in mind, we had to create a huge buzz around these products, without getting the help of a huge event. So we did it all VIRTUALLY!

The first product was a pretty straight forward one, we just sent out a press release which was very technical about the new heart rate sensor H9. But the real test laid with the launch of the three new sports watches: Grit X, Unite and Vantage V2. Three completely different watches with different target groups.

All three of them gotten the same launch. We’ve invited press and the right influencers to a virtual pre-launch (with embargo), which was hosted by two Polar-workers who explained the new Polar watch to the attendees. Afterwards the press and influencers had the chance to test the new product and write a review/blog post around it. 



Influencer PR