PR Week van de Bij + Influencer Marketing

The objective:

Raise awareness around the importance of bees and inspire people to plant flowers to create more habitat for them in their own garden, in town etc. Meli wanted to inspire families at home to be part of the beefamily and to experiment with Meli-products, which are made with lots of care for bees. Everyone is familiar with the Belgian brand of honey, but inspiration is always welcome, isn’t it? 


The story:

Meli has long been a fixture in the honey landscape. Meli honey not only has a rich taste, but also a rich history of more than 75 years. The West-Flemish family business from Veurne is based on two pillars: taste and innovation. It also puts a lot of effort into sustainable business practices and the educational aspect of the presence of bees. 


How we did it:

1. Awareness campaign on social media

To draw the attention to the importance of bees and all things related, we’ve set up collabs with eight mommy influencers. They talked about the importance of bees and organized a giveaway. We also sent 25 momfluencers a box filled with Meli-products, flower seeds and Instagrammable bee-ears. Of course we couldn’t forget the food influencers, so we've also sent the Meli-box to 25 of them. In these boxes we replaced the bee-ears with fresh vegetables and fruits, which we owe to the bees.

2. Collaboration with four Belgian food bloggers

We contacted four different food bloggers/influencers, who create four recipes for us spread over a year. One recipe in spring, one in summer, one in fall and one in winter. In each recipe they use at least one product of Meli. We wanted to see various and creative recipes, which are well photographed. Meli can use all the recipes and pictures on their own channels. We picked out the influencers thoroughly, knowing what they have to offer.



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