PR Launch + Influencer Marketing

The objective:

Raise awareness around the new Lima products and inspire chefs at home to cook more with vegan Limafood and -drinks. Though vegan people and bioshoplovers know the brand by heart, there’s a lot of different recipes you can make.


The story:

Based on the idea of 'a healthy mind in a healthy body', Lima has been committed to developing healthy, plant-based nutrition for over 60 years. The vegan Lima range consists of high-quality, innovative products that are both organic certified and 100% vegetable. All Lima products are prepared with great care and respect for nature and the environment. To achieve this, Lima works with pure ingredients without additives or preservatives. The brand, which is inspired by Japan, also consciously chooses packaging with minimal impact on the environment. In the country of Lima, balance, respect, purity and openness are core values.


How we did it:

We contacted ten different food bloggers/influencers, who created a recipe with the Lima drinking vinegars spread in summer. Further we launched several new products through seeding.

We wanted to see various and creative recipes with the different Limaproducts whom can inspire families at home to cook varied meals with the products. We wanted to see various and creative recipes, which are well photographed. Lima can use all the recipes and pictures on their own channels. We picked out the influencers thoroughly, knowing what they have to offer.




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