Lidl Valentine

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Wanna be my secret Valentine? 


How we did it: 

  • Mystery love box

We sent a box from mystery lover L.IDL to 50 lifestyle and food influencers & journalists. The box was filled with lovely Valentinesweets and chocolate, ladies and mens underwear, socks, panties, pink cava ofcourse and Valentineteddy bear that is available in the Lidlshops. To add more love and hearts to the mystery box of Mr. or Ms. L.IDL, the goodies were packed in lovely heartprinted tissue paper. 

  • Mystery love letter

We added a love letter of L.IDL in a red enveloppe on which we wrote a personal message, such as:

  • Lidl did you know that you're the cheese to my pizza, Maximiliaan --> who really adores pizza
  • Lidl did you know that we can't wait to see you shine on the stage again, Helle --> who is a stageactress
  • Lidl did you know that I would also propose to you, Laura --> who is engaged
  • Lidl did you know that you're my little baby, Eline --> who is pregnant
  • ...

The lovely words in the red enveloppe were these:

Hi sexy,

Every time the door goes open and you pass by, I wander about the Lidl things you’ll buy.

Will it be salty or will it be sweet? If it makes you smile, that’s all I really need.

How I long for your visits in my shop… It makes me really love my job.

When I see you grabbing all that yummy fresh food, I know your feelings for me are as good.

I should say it more often… and that’s what I’ll do, I really LOVE YOU!

So, wanna be my Valentine? Please, just give me a sign!

I hope the Lidl treats in this box, will blow you of your socks.

Let us soon meet once again, you know where to find me… AMEN.

PS: Don’t come by too late, I go to sleep at eight.

Your Lidl Sweetheart, 


(My heart is open from 8AM to 8PM)"


We had lovely reactions on the PR-action, so Valentine (for lovers) and Galentine (for singles) were a big succes and Mr. or Ms. L.IDL isn't single anymore ;)



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