What We Do

At Yapado

Yapado is a full-service communications agency meeting all the needs and desires of its customers, from PR and Marketing to Media and Communication. Yapado helps and advises customers with press relations, event planning, media buying, magazine actions, contests, web design, corporate identity, print, direct mail, etc. In short, if you’re looking for a full package of all-round communication, Yapado is the right address for you. 

With a focus on personal approach and long-term customer relationships, Yapado manages work in a thorough and flexible manner. And over 20 years of experience and passion for the profession has established Yapado at the forefront the communications sector.

Yapado is an agency that is young at heart, thinks dynamically, and maintains warm but professional relationships with clients and media. This ongoing cheerful mindset is also reflected in the corporate identity. At Yapado, cheerful fuchsia ducks steal the show. 
public relations / brand ambassadors / editorial visits / media monitoring / press events / press releases / sponsoring / press loans / media planning / media buying / media actions / communications / brand marketing / content creation / trade marketing / web development / artwork / graphic design / DTP / POS