Opening NEW A.S.Adventure Store Ghent

Last night, the new A.S.Adventure Store in Ghent opened as a première for the partners of Vastned Retail Belgium and A.S.Adventure. Ghent Mayor Daniel Termont was also present and gave a welcome speech in his own style 
The brand new A.S.Adventure store, formerly located in the Veldstraat, will now be hosted in the monumental building in the Zonnestraat, number 6 to 8. In short: from base camp to prime location.
For years, the beauty of the magnificent building in the Zonnestraat was hidden behind advertising panels and false ceilings. Thanks to Vastned Retail Belgium, it has now risen from its ashes. In close consultation with the Department of Monuments, they conducted a thorough restoration and reconstruction in order to restore the building to its former glory.
Vastned Retail Belgium and A.S.Adventure invited their partners to be the first to discover the spectacular metamorphosis of the property. We were also there to welcome the regional and professional media present. And to discover how retail, and care for our heritage, are indeed fully compatible.