A coffee brand in our portfolio? Yes we kàn!

Wenduine, August 7, 2015 – We’re not only avid foodies, but coffee is a favorite here as well;-) High time to add a coffee brand to our portfolio. And our dream came true :-) Say hello to koffie kàn...

Koffie kàn is a Belgian family coffee-roasting factory, which has been using a unique, internally-developed technology for roasting for 40 years now. They operate in a fair, environment and people friendly manner and according to the principles of Slow Food. Let us introduce you to Slow Coffee!

By slowly roasting the green coffee beans at minimum temperature and by maintaining the ideal roasting curve, people at koffie kàn obtain a perfectly digestible coffee. Thanks to this soft approach to the coffee bean, the sugars and oils are in fact not burned and so there’s no ash formation inside the coffee beans.

A wonderfully gentle blend with naturally low caffeine content that’s easy on your stomach. Isn’t this mouth-watering?