130 anniversary candles for Elvea!

Antwerp, January 22 2015 - Elvea is celebrating its 130th anniversary! For the Italian brand, famous for its blue tomato cans, it’s a great opportunity to invite its loyal consumers to a birthday celebration.

Especially for this celebration year, the undisputable “numero uno” in Belgium in the canned tomato category has come up with a limited edition product line called  “Selezione del maestro”. As the name suggests, Elvea goes one step further in terms of quality and luxury. Only the best of the best. There will be a bio double tomato concentrate and a bio-based datterini tomato passata. These flavors are naturally slightly sweeter and are also 100% Tuscan. Instead of being canned, this range is presented in little glass jars. 

Whoever is curious about this exclusive line may participate in one of the anniversary competitions scheduled, which we are currently rolling out. By participating, you’ll receive a product from the Selezione del maestro range! Stay tuned!