Influencer Marketing

The story:

Founded some 265 years ago, La Maison Maille is an extraordinary heritage of craftsmanship, creativity and innovation in the production of mustard and vinaigrettes. Its range includes 84 unique mustard varieties, each of which is a great taste sensation. Maille believes that by adding the right flavours, any dish can be made even more delicious. 

The objective:

Every year, Maille sees an increase in sales of mustard around the end of the year period. Maille wanted to increase their brand awareness and inspire consumers via foodies to inspire people online with many recipes based on mustard and this specifically for the Christmas/end-of-year menu.

How we did it:

Collaboration with 12 Belgian food bloggers

We contacted twelve different food bloggers/influencers, who create 2 recipes (appetizer + main dish) each for us in the months November & December. We picked out the influencers thoroughly, knowing what they have to offer. They created one mustard dish prepared using one of the products provided. The recipe appeared on their blog, but also on social media (Instagram). In each recipe they use a mustard - selectionned by us - of Maille, so all the recipes wouldn't be created with the same product. We gave every blogger a fixed date to post which resulted in 2 months full of Christmasdinner inspiration for their followers. We wanted to see various and creative recipes, which are well photographed. 

Maille can use all the recipes and pictures on their own channels. 


In return, the brand received a lot of coverage on Instagram (posts and stories) and online (blogs).




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