Lidl Easter

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Let's have an epic coronaproof picnickbrunch with Lidl.

How we did it: 

Lidl has everything in store to have a delicious & all-in Easterbrunch, so we decided to sent a huge picknickbrunch for 4 people to 40 kids-, food- & lifestyle influencers and to 10 journalists.

  • Easter picknickbasket (55 cm)

What's nicer than celebrating Easter in spring with a fully-filled Easter rotan picknickbasket? We attached a yellow ribbon with a Lidl Easterlogo on it, so everybody directly knew Lidl did it again ;)

By fully-filled, we mean: 

FOOD & DRINKS: banana's, blueberries, avocado's, 6 different cheeses, butter, salami, ham, eggs, fresh juices, champagne chocolates: Easter eggs in every size you can imagine, a chocolate bunny, chocolate spreads and... more chocolate!

NAPKINS: Origami is our friend. We wanted to inspire, so we figured out how we could fold a napkin in the way you'd get an Easter bunny. We added a package of 20 napkins to the basket and 4 pre-folded bunnies.

  • Coronaproof picknick blanket

We designed a coronaproof picknick blanket on which was written "Hello sunshine" & "Let's go outside, but stay safe". The blanket had the form of a lemon and we put a triangle of 1,5m by 1,5m on it, so every person or "bubble" could enjoy some time outside on a safe distance.


So... do you already know where heading to if you want to surprise your friends or family for Easter?


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