Influencer Marketing

The objective:

Raise awareness around the leading canned tomato brand and inspire chefs at home to cook more with canned tomatoes. Though everyone knows the brand by heart, there’s a lot of different recipes you can make. 

We also had to make sure that the new website of world's best tomatobrand was the bomb.


The story:

The delicious story of Elvea started in 1885 with the two Italian brothers Luigi en Francesco Vitelli who emigrated to America and missed the Italian kitchen a lot. Since the beginning Elvea has evolved massively and shown itself as a true innovator coming up with a variation of canned tomatoes.

There are so many products that most people don't know of their existence and all the tasty stuff you can do with the products.

After working for Elvea for many many years and after numerous PR activities for the brand, Elvea now also gave us the opportunity to do Influencer Marketing for them by working with 4 real foodies, each of whom had proven to be a real fan of the brand.


How we did it:

We contacted four different food bloggers/influencers, who created four recipes for Elvea spread over a year. One recipe in spring, one in summer, one in fall and one in winter. In each recipe they use at least one product of Elvea. We didn’t want to see another basic pasta or soup with canned tomatoes, but we wanted to see various and creative recipes whom can inspire families at home to cook varied meals with the products. We picked out the influencers thoroughly, knowing what they have got to offer.

Go check out their website, to see in which way we have developped their brand new website: https://elvea.be/



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