Januari recap

The first month of the year has flown by! As usual, it is always filled with client meetings, making plans for the new year, prospecting, networking, ...
Happy to announce that in this new year we can immediately add 2 great brands to our portfolio:

After participating in our press days, Valio Vache Bleue S.A. was convinced Yapado should support the launch of its range of lactose-free products to press & influencers. Throughout January, we have been busy creating fun press packs, scheduling editorial visits & setting up influencer collabs. Everyone will have known that Dilea products really make a difference for those struggling with lactose intolerance. More coming soon in February!

True Gum

True Gum is a sustainable Danish brand of plastic-free chewing gum is officially coming to Belgium and Yapado will support the launch with PR & influencer marketing. Very happy that we will again work closely together with Camps Food on this specific project.

We have also already been able to support two events:

myStromer AG

The Swiss S-pedelecs brand myStromer AG was present at Velofollies where we welcomed the key Belgian and French biking media/journalists at their booth. Ideal for networking. 

The Masked Singer 

DPG Media België challenged us to obtain a massive turnout and even more massive reach for VTM’s influencer event to kick-off of the third season of their popular TV-show. 3 new masks were announced in avant-premiere to a club of influencers during this event. More than 4.5 million consumers were reached!
Curious to see what February brings!

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