Sothys + Paul & Joe

PR Launch

The objective:

Raise awareness around the new products of Sothys and Paul & Joe that are launched 4 times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). We’re targeting key media and influencers who can try these products of high quality in a nice packaging.


The story:

Paul & Joe was founded by the Parisian designer and owner Sophie Mechaly, in collaboration with Albion, the market leader in Japanese cosmetics. The brand was named after her 2 sons, Paul and Joe. P&J Beauté was launched in 2002 as an extension of the luxurious and sophisticated Parisian fashion brand. The unique, “retro-modern” packaging is inspired by Sophie's memories of her grandmother's boudoir. She found her grandmother's rituals enchanting and could not wait until she was old enough to experiment with them. P&J beauty was developed for the modern, sophisticated woman, in which a young girl hides. A mix of Japanese/French beauty philosophies, based on Parisian elegance and cuddly romance with a touch of Japanese manga!

All Sothys products are made from natural plant ingredients, are not tested on animals, are ecologically packaged and meet high pharmaceutical standards. Sophisticated all-in programs now offer care for both the face and the body, but also a sun line, numerous make-up products and specific products for men are part of the total package. A new collaboration of the SOREDEC laboratory in Brive with universities and research laboratories ensures year after year technological innovations that combine comfort and effectiveness. With a number of 15,000 points of sale in more than 115 countries, Sothys is more than ever confirming its positioning as the reference brand for in-patient treatment.


How we did it:

We approached all the launches with the same strategy: write and design a press release which we send to our broad network of beauty and lifestyle influencers, bloggers and media. Keeping the feedback on that mailing in mind, we’ve sent out 30 packages per release to interested parties whom we believe to be the perfect fit for the new products. In that manner press and influencers had the chance to test the new products and write a review/blogpost or article around it.

Our lovely colleague Fabienne always looks for 4 media buyingactions for Sothys aswell (contests, advertisements...)



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