PR Launch

The objective:

Raise awareness around the new beer RDV that’s being launched on the market and targeting key media and influencers who can taste and enjoy this refreshing beer.

The story:

RDV is a new Belgian beer which was created to unite friends again after an intense period of Covid-19. It is distillery Bruggeman in Ghent who expands its range of festive drinks and launched RDV, short for Rendez-Vous. Bruggeman believes that the best beer is a shared beer. Research shows that being with friends is good for your health, because it brings you happiness. Bruggeman wants to bring us back together with this trendy beer. So let’s raise our glass to friendship!

RDV is a dry-spiced beer which means that the juniper was added during the bearing. The result is a subtle spicy flavor in the refreshing Belgian quality beer of 5,2%.

How we did it:

We support RDV by plugging the right story to the right media, influencers, and bloggers. The approach consists of a kick-off creative press release.

First, we send a press release to our network. We’ve got a lot of replies and with the help of that feedback we created a list of press and influencers/bloggers who got the chance to taste the new beer.

Second, we sent 75 creative and custom-made boxes with two RDV beers, a bottle-opener, two beer mats and an awesome RDV-totebag to selected media and influencers. Finally, we follow-up the results in media and on social media. Besides product PR, we also highlight the story of Bruggeman and RDV as a whole.


Influencer PR