Geldhof Bloggers Brunch

Ghent, October 10, 2015 – Those who know or follow us are surely aware by now of the fact that we also work for candy manufacturer Geldhof. Oh, the tons of little "noses" we’ve tasted here! #omg #notcomplainingthough. Last Saturday, food & Ghent bloggers were given the chance to taste all the new cuberdons during a delicious brunch at Alix Table & Jardin d'Amis.

Starting your weekend with a sweet brunch? There’s no better way to get into the weekend mood;-) So we expected a large attendance of “nosey” bloggers wanting to taste Geldhof’s new products. Chocolate cuberdons, little strawberry or blueberry cuberdons, mini clouds (small snowballs) ... everything, we really mean everything, was reviewed. There was a lot of tasting and nibbling, and we heard many "mmmmmmms!". Thanks again to all of you for having joined us! It was definitively a successful meeting in Alix’s idyllic "Pinterest" setting.